Reupholstery & Upholstery Restoration
Brooklyn Workroom craftsmen are experts in reupholstering a wide range of period furniture pieces using the same techniques and materials used in a piece’s original construction. Whenever possible, our Master Upholsterer recommends the materials originally employed be replaced with the same in order to retain the pieces originality, integrity and value.

Depending on the piece's production period, there are different types of upholstery techniques used depending on a piece's production period: Modern, also known as "Mass Production", Mid-Century and Traditional. The type of upholstery material and technique originally used in the piece will dictate the time, material and cost of reupholstering it. 

From time to time, a client may want to replace the layers of horse hair and cotton batting used to create a chair's seat and back core with foam and Dacron wrap in order to save money. Conversely, for historical value, there are instances when a client wants to restore a chair to its original upholstery construction of horse hair and cotton batting that at some point was replaced with foam.  

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