About Brooklyn Workroom 

Though Brooklyn Workroom is small, its members have big hearts and dreams.

Following a simple Japanese philosophy, Brooklyn Workroom never takes on more work than it can handle. In this respect, the collective enjoys being small and available to clients. This philosophy encourages customer service and a well-rounded client experience.

Realizing the dream of self-reliance, independence, and a simple drive to do it better, the Brooklyn Workroom collective of artisans formed. The artisans at Brooklyn Workroom have a dual purpose - to guide their clients through restoration and design/build projects to enrich their creative vision and execution. By doing so, they enhance not only the client's life but their own with the pride they take in their work and the appreciation they receive from clients for their expertise.

Brooklyn Workroom craftsmen are skilled in the different aspects of custom furniture, window treatment production, furniture restoration, and reupholstery. Each artisan has more than 20 years of experience in their respective trade. Each apprenticed or worked in New York's most renowned workrooms. Each craftsman's pride in their mastery is contagious, whether the job is to fabricate a custom sofa or reupholster a vintage Cassina chair.

Brooklyn Workroom has relationships with the New York area's most prominent interior designers, architects, custom furniture fabricators, mills, and upholstery shops. Work from Brooklyn Workroom is installed in the finest homes and businesses. No era or style of furniture or window treatments is beyond Brooklyn Workroom's capabilities and understanding. Our clients reliably turn to Brooklyn Workroom for upscale custom fabrication and restoration.

Brooklyn Workroom serves the Architectural, Interior Design, Contract, Resort, and Hospitality communities and end-users. Other workrooms, upholstery shops, mills, and contractors also subcontract us.

  custom table 002 - lacquer top with solid brass legs

chair restoration - reupholstery and frame revitalization

NYC custom furniture drapes reupholstery